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Caring for My COPD

Caring for My COPD is a 10- week program at Compass Community Health for people who have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) including those recently hospitalized due to COPD .

If you experience acute flare-ups of COPD, consider our community based program to help you gain better control of your COPD.

  1. There is NO COST for this program.
  2. Personalized exercise program supervised by healthcare professionals.
  3. Weekly education sessions that will help you learn how to manage your COPD.
  4. You can attend the program as frequently as you like.
  5. Your family member(s) or support person is most welcome to accompany you.
  6. Access to telephone support throughout the week from your COPD Coordinator and care team.

You are welcome to refer yourself or a loved one to the program and we will contact your Primary Care Provider to ensure you are safe to participate. Or a referral to the program can be made by one of your healthcare providers. We will contact you to start the program when we have your completed referral.