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You are a young person between 18 and 29 years old

STOP with Youth And Young Adults ( STOP-YAYA ) 

What does STOP- YAYA offer?
2 boxes of nicotine patches will be mailed to each eligible participant, while quantities last within 1-2 weeks of enrolling in the program

2 follow-up surveys will be emailed to participants 5 weeks and 6 months after joining the program to see how they are doing

How is STOP-YAYA different from the STOP Program?
STOP-YAYA is entirely online​

No intervention or visits are required by a health care provider, although we encourage participants to seek guidance from a provider on how to continue supporting their quit journey

There is a limited supply of nicotine patches for STOP-YAYA programming; enrollment will be open until quantities last. STOP-YAYA is only available to Ontario residents.



Offers full coverage of prescription medication such as Champix (varenicline) and Zyban (bupropion) for youth ages 18 - 24 if they are participating in smoking-cessation counseling. 12 weeks of medication (one full treatment) is covered per 365 days.

It is offered in conjunction with smoking cessation counselling (talk to your pharmacist or health care provider). The Pharmacist Counselling Program includes a quit plan and 7 follow-up calls.

Students going to university/college in another province
If you’re going to university or college in another province, your prescriptions may still be covered by OHIP+ if you:
-  remain insured by OHIP
-  have a valid prescription
-  get your medications from a pharmacy in Ontario